Skin Project

 Skin Project is collaboration work with Kutsuroudo-Honten who is an shoe maker. This project started to 2007. At first, we requested from Duo league. They are under 18 year’s football league based in Tokyo. We made a Trophy for them. This trophy was made from their old football shoes. We used 300 shoes.

Our action continued from that time with them. Every year we go to teach them the maintenance method of shoes and in return that we get broken shoes. We use them for material. From them, we make sandals and accessories and boots. And we sell those. Part of those proceeds are return to the group which provided broken shoes.

This case becomes a model, and we hold a workshop in each place.


img-043The Trophy for Duo league : Collaboration works with Duo leagueskinチラシ英語Basic process of Skin Project

プロト001Sole Soul : Made by Kutsuroudo-Honten

IMG_5393_3745Monkey boots : Made by Keishi Ozawa

講座005Shoes maintenance lecture

_MG_4816The materials that made from broken shoes

IMG_3935production of the accessory





Other worksNB001Collaboration work with New Balance


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Duo League web site is here ——>